Week Four: Consciousness & The Line

Check out this Gertrude Stein essay on poetry and grammar

Also, as promised, the Martin Buber.  I find this one fascinating to read, but also like you’re going insane a little. In a good way?

Both text require a much different mindset than most essay does.

Surrender to the text, and get curious.


Also, this morning I was totally struck by these Rilke poems, translation by Steven Mitchell.



Next Sunday will be a workshop day, so please upload poems.

Loose assignment was to write a poem with some defiance towards your usual grammar, or rather, punctuation, thinking about the ways we saw Diane Seuss wielding it in FRANK: SONNETS. See how you can USE it to your advantage–or not use it, as the case may be.

But really just have fun writing a poem. I look forward to workshop.