Poetry Workshop: The Haunted Image


  • Mark Leidner
March 5, 12, 19, 26
12-3pm EST

Registration is closed.


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Poetry Workshop: The Haunted Image

Have you ever been haunted by an image in a poem? What makes certain images haunting?

Discourse, in-class writing, workshop. This generative craft session and workshop will focus on exploring reasons why some images are more haunting than others, from the diction that populates the imagery, to the grammar and syntax that organizes it, to context with which an image is inflected by its surrounding lines, and more. Participants will leave with a personalized definition of what makes an image haunted/haunting to them as well as an understanding of composition and revision strategies that can drive images toward greater hauntedness.

About Mark Leidner

Mark is a writer of poetry, fiction, film, and other things. Originally from Georgia, he currently lives in California. You can follow him on twitter and instagram. https://www.markleidner.com/

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Poetry Workshop: The Haunted Image

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