Chapbook Layout Essentials


  • Ben Pease
4 Sessions Included:
Sept 7th 7-9:30pm
Sept 14th 7-9:30pm
Sept 21st 7-9:30pm
Sept 28th 7-9:30pm

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Chapbook Layout Essentials

This is a 4-session hands-on class where you will design your own chapbook, cover, interior, and whatever else you might want to include (a color insert printed separately from the writing, for example). You will learn to use Scribus, free and open-source publishing software that will allow you to produce a professional end product. In Scribus, we will learn everything from page layout basics, master pages, auto-generating table of contents, and how to transfer work from 8″x11″ Word pages to the smaller dimensions in which books normally exist. If you haven’t become a collector of rare and beautiful fonts, this class will show you where to find the coolest, freest fonts the internet has to offer, with a focus on making your work appear as sharp as it can.

About Ben Pease

Ben Pease began laying out books in 2009 when he put together an issue for the writing workshop he taught at Common Ground’s (now Breaking Ground) Prince George, an early 20th-century hotel converted to affordable housing for low-income and formerly homeless adults and persons living with HIV/AIDS. He soon after began doing covers and interiors for Monk Books, doing both for a reprint of Bernadette Mayer’s The Formal Field of Kissing. When Monk began publishing full-length collections, Pease continued to layout the books, forging a close relationship with the authors to ensure that their original vision was represented in the printed matter. Pease is currently the book designer for factory hollow press and the Ruth Stone House.

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Chapbook Layout Essentials

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