Small Press Series

About the series

Ruth Stone House is dedicated to growing the grassroots small- and micro-press publishing arm of the literary world. This program aims to accomplish this through a series of classes that will cover the essential skills necessary to run a small press. The classes include

  1. Running a Small Press
  2. Chapbook Layout Essentials
  3. Small Press Capstone
    With the exception of the capstone, anyone is welcome to take a individual classes within this program!

Scholarships & Cost

A number of scholarships will be available, and the course can be purchased directly. The informational session is free and will detail the cost of the program as well as scholarship opportunities. SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE: JULY 15th

  • Tuition for the four classes costs $600. Applications which show a serious desire to begin a press will be given a half scholarship.
  • There will be limited opportunity for full scholarships which will include assistance with a small run chapbook.

Register for individual classes

You may also sign up for classes from this program as they become available without enrolling in the full course. See below for individual class offerings.

Running a Small Press (Crash Course)
This course belongs to our Small Press Series. To register for the entire program, click here: Small Press Series So you want to start your own press? This class will cover the wide variety of responsibilities and logistics necessary to run a small press. Each of the four classes will focus on a different aspect […]
Small Press Series Capstone
To Take this class, you must have purchased the Small Press Bundle here: Small Press Series Bundle Open to individuals or groups who have taken the three previous classes, this class will go over every step needed to launch a new press, set deadlines and budgets—we will work with you and do everything in our power […]

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