The Unconscious Speaks


This week-long in-person writing retreat will be a collaborative exploration of poetry and psyche through conversation of craft, workshop critique and daily yoga practice. Our goal will be to reorient exploration of consciousness through soma (body) and psyche (mind). Participants will have dedicated time to read and write, as well as engage in workshop critique of their own and others’ poems, alternating with discussion of theory/craft. Working closely with both poet Bianca Stone, and artist and yoga instructor, Candace Jensen, our intention will be twofold: 1.) To increase our ability to gain access to more generative, creative flow-state, in both writing and editing 2.) To investigate poetic, psychological and philosophical texts that bring multifaceted insight into the powerful relationship between poetic practice and expanding consciousness.

Soma: 90 minute daily yoga and meditation will be an integral part of the retreat content, (all levels of yoga practice or experience welcome) We will explore these age-old practices of guided meditation, yoga asana, and yoga nidra (yogic sleeping) and see what happens in terms of our writing practice.

Psyche: Participants are invited to spend work on personal writing projects based in (or around) poetry. Time for discussion and workshop will also give way to plenty of time to generate new writing, and to feel, and to rest.

This week will be rigorous yet distinctly playful. On one hand we will be doing the heady work of discussing readings of poetry and theory, and working privately on our written projects–then we will ground back to the body and the experience of ineffable consciousness. Simple! The ambition will be in our ability to relax into these explorations and just get curious. We’re here to explore, not to know.

Preparation: the retreat begins before we convene in Vermont with two Zoom meetings hosted by the faculty.

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Applicants must submit 5-10 pages of written work, a bio and written artist statement about why this retreat interests them. The success of this week will depend on trust, openness, willingness to engage together, and above all respect and collaborative spirit. We will all be living, eating and working together for 6 days. The house and grounds will provide opportunities to find privacy, but we will also need to be very aware of the close quarters. Please be mindful about these facts!

The Unconscious Speaks

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