Week Three: Narrative through the Sonnet

Craft discussion and in-class writing

Dear Class,

Week 3! This Sunday we will be discussion Diane Seuss’s Frank:Sonnets, and focusing too a on some excerpts from last weeks’ Adam Phillips’s essay.

We will also take time to do some in-class writing. I encourage you to each be actively thinking and composing while you read all these things.

Keep a journal composing your thoughts and ideas, as well as writing poems.

Diane Seuss <–packet

If you’re all caught up, check out this Zapruder excerpt from Why Poetry: zapruder


Adding a Wallace Stevens poem: https://poets.org/poem/tea-palaz-hoon


Also, in terms of commenting on poems: since we’re a small class and not workshopping each week, its not too much work to send one another comments on the poems we workshopped. You can do track-changes in Word, or print the poems and write on them by hand, scan them in and send. You could also simply write an email! Just do what you can–it’s totally up to you to do this extra step for one another.

So, emails: