Week Five: The Force of the Poet

Snodgrass and poems

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for a wonderful workshop. We’ll be meeting with Diane Suess this coming Sunday and I’m looking forward to hearing her read some poems from Frank:Sonnets, and I’ll prepare some questions for her, and open it up for you to ask some as well. We can see what happens.

Please revisit her poems in the packet, or the book if you have it!


We don’t always have time to discuss all the nuances and bits of the previous articles we’d read, but I hope they are giving you ideas and thoughts.

Please email me, or the whole class, with any thoughts you’re having. I would like to build our discussion around some things you’re thinking of with Poetry & Consciousness, of course.

Someone shared this WD Snodgrass essay with me and I found it interesting–especially the ending pages. I’m also adding some poems here. If we have time this weekend we’ll look at one or two of them, and if you had one you found jumped out at you, let me know!


  1.  WD Snodgrass_Tact & the Poet’s Force

2. Natalieshapero (poems)

3. ana bozicevic (poems)

4. Wanda Coleman, Sonnet 91 

5. Terrance Hayes, American Sonnet for my Past & Future Assassin

6. Terrance Hayes